• 22 Countries 22 Countries
  • 2000 Locations 2000 Locations
  • 7,000 Professionals 7,000 Glass professionals
  • 2000 Mobile Units 2000 Mobile units
  • 5,400 Services per day 5,400 Services per day
  • 215,000 ADAS calibration services 215,000 ADAS calibration services

One call to National Windscreens in the UK from anywhere in the world will get you back on the road — quickly and with no fuss

Automotive Glass Europe (A.G.E) is an international group of key automotive glass repair & replacement organisations.

With over 15 years of experience, A.G.E’s global presence ensures that we provide professional and reliable automotive glass repair services to private vehicle owners, insurance companies, vehicle rental and fleet markets for all vehicle types.

Our focus is on customer satisfaction and striving to deliver a fast and easy service, every day, using only the highest quality products. We are committed to improving our processes, improving our environment and society, and building a seamless digital experience.